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Ghoulvomit - Devouring the Afterbirth

Here's something mysterious that showed up recently. Ghoulvomit was an incredibly obscure brutal death metal band that emerged from Long Island during the genre's infancy. They released just one demo called Devouring the Afterbirth in 1993 before vanishing without a trace. Nothing else is known about them other than what I described. I remember seeing this album on, but that got deleted for some reason. I also saw a YouTube video for it, but that got deleted too. You can still find a download link for this if you know where to look. Who are the men behind this band? Why is there so little information about them? Why were they forgotten for so long? I doubt we'll ever have answers to those questions, so I'll stop worrying and focus on the music.

The production is surprisingly good. I don't know if this was ripped from the master tape or if someone took the time to remaster it, but it's great that I am able to hear everything clearly. The music sounds like a brutal combination of Cannibal Corpse and Deicide. The drums are very diverse. There are plenty of blast beats and d-beats to go around. During the breakdowns they play simple yet hard-hitting beats, and in between these, they play more intricate patterns that often feature rapid thumping double bass. The production is so good that I can hear the bass, which plays plenty of heavy riffs.

The growls sound like a more brutal Chris Barnes. Not much else I can say about them other than that they sound excellent. The guitars are splendid. One minute they play heavy and energetic chord progressions, the next they play spine-chilling tremolo riffs and infernal palm-muted riffs. They also play plenty of simple power chords during the breakdowns. They even take the time to play some solos, like the one on the title track. They're a bit toned down compared to their peers, but they're still pleasing to the ear.

Ghoulvomit is a mystery to me, but I do know that this demo was excellent. It's brutal and features talented instrumental work that was sadly extinguished far too soon. It seems that a large number of great, old demos have been unearthed in recent years. I wonder what we'll discover next.